Wine keys

Forgive me if this has been covered exhaustively in the past and if it’s a waste of space on the forum  but I’ve sustained an embarrassing number of injuries from the dull foil cutter on my wine key that I otherwise really like.

any suggestions for an ergonomic wine key with a really good foil cutter? I’m not gonna spend $100 on a pearl handled one with unicorn hairs inside. But I’m willing to spend a few extra $ to ensure my safety :) thanks!

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  • basic pulltaps are THE ONLY wine key. That being said, not all are created equal. The key is finding a knife with the correct serration. Some are a little too jagged, and some are not jagged enough.  For some reason the knives are not manufactured very consistently but, for the most part they are all pretty solid. there are ways around it too. If your knife is a little too serrated, use it to cut everything (cardboard boxes etc..) for a couple days. Unless its way overly jagged that will usually dull it just enough to make perfect cuts. I own most every type of wine opener in existence ( 250 dollar laguiole, 650 dollar code 38 service model..etc..) they are all collecting dust. Ive put them all to the test. Nothing is faster or more efficient than pulltaps in my opinion. I order them directly from the factory in Barcelona, this way you know you are getting the real thing with all pulltaps parts instead of the cheapies you can find where people just buy the patented pulltaps lever and slap it on whatever garbage they want to. Side note: even from the factory these will run you about 7 bucks each. They dont last forever. The lever will wear and become loose, and the teflon coating on the auger will wear off. On the plus side, if you lose it its not a big deal. Just have another ready to go.  

    I dont work for pulltaps, im just a firm beliver. LOL 

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