Wine keys

Forgive me if this has been covered exhaustively in the past and if it’s a waste of space on the forum Joy but I’ve sustained an embarrassing number of injuries from the dull foil cutter on my wine key that I otherwise really like.

any suggestions for an ergonomic wine key with a really good foil cutter? I’m not gonna spend $100 on a pearl handled one with unicorn hairs inside. But I’m willing to spend a few extra $ to ensure my safety :) thanks!

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  • Im guessing you meant me and not keith hammond?  Coutale seems to make corkscrews for big brand wineries but can also be purchased on amazon. 

    I just found a Coutale innovation in my desk.  The knife is really good but the spiral portion of the worm is 4.5cm long, and a Laguiole is 5.5cm long. Cartaillier is also 5.5cm.  The diameter of the worm on  Laguiole/Cartaillier is just over 1cm, while the Coutale is just under .9cm.  Sounds minor but with a fragile cork, these differences make a huge difference if you don't have an ah so/Durand handy.