Wine keys

Forgive me if this has been covered exhaustively in the past and if it’s a waste of space on the forum  but I’ve sustained an embarrassing number of injuries from the dull foil cutter on my wine key that I otherwise really like.

any suggestions for an ergonomic wine key with a really good foil cutter? I’m not gonna spend $100 on a pearl handled one with unicorn hairs inside. But I’m willing to spend a few extra $ to ensure my safety :) thanks!

  • Had to get some legit sommelier bling (joking) and got a code38 P-type light.... it was something in the ballpark of $170 with industry discount and shipping from AUS to USA....  super worth it! Its lightweight in my pockets just like the coutale and pulltaps were, only about a million times more reliable. I made the mistake of loaning it out one time and the person who used it had never worked with a single lever tool before..... needless to say, it came back with a bent helix but that was a quick and painless swap, and Jeff (the guy who makes these awesome tools) is always happy to send replacement parts. The knife is fantastic, and another thing I love about it is the single step lever- it makes you slow down and focus on bottle presentation and the guest interaction rather than hurriedly rippin through corks tableside and giving yourself early onset carpal tunnel..... when I can’t have my code38 on me I prefer the coutale sommelier edition 

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