Loire Valley Recommendations?

Hello all!  I’m heading to the Loire Valley at the end of August for about a week and was hoping for recommendations for good chateau to visit and taste at. I’m driving from Nantes in the west to Paris   Unfortunately I lack any French language skills. I enjoy all the wines of loire regardless of color style or grape as long as it’s well made and interesting. Looking for places that don’t require reservations or have an easy reservation process. Thanks! Any information is appreciated! Will probably be spending most of my time around Chinon/Vouvray area. 

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  • If you're interested in going to Saumur you could reach out to Brendan Stater-West, he's an American ex-pat who works Romain Guiberteau on the Domaine Guiberteau wines as well as making his own, I think he enjoys having American visitors so he has a chance to speak English! 

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