The Non Drinking Trend

With more "non drinking" happening, what are folks doing with their beverage programs these days? Would love to hear about choices being offered to the non drinking public.

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  • I offered a Non-Alcohlic pairing to the tasting menu at my last employment.  The feedback was great.  We offered tea based cocktails, juice from Navarro Vineyards (Pinot Noir, Gewurz), and of course Seedlip.  Which I think is a great product.  However, one thing I will mention.  We should be aware of why a guest is having a non-alcoholic beverage.  I made a simple gin and tonic like drink with the seedlip and added a few vegetable garnishes that matched the vegetable.  The guests said they enjoyed it but they were recovering alcoholics and the drink was a little to close to the real thing.  

    In the end, they appreciated the effort but just some food for thought for everyone.

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