Travelling to the Mosel from Frankfurt

Hey All!

I'll be visiting Germany next month and I'm looking for more information on best ways to reach the middle Mosel from Frankfurt. It seems that a train goes between Frankfurt and Koblenz, and then from Koblenz to Bernkastel it looks like the only option is bussing this true? If we rent a car, is it likely the places we stay will have a place to park it? We were interested in using trains as much as possible, and biking between the small villages to tasting appointments. Is this feasible? I definitely don't want to find myself having to take 4 busses and spend 4 hours to go somewhere that would otherwise take an hour. Any advice from other travelers who have been would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  • I've been four times and always by car. It is very easy to drive in Germany and park in the Mosel. I'm not familiar with biking, but I would not expect that it would be as easy as it is in Alsace—but I really have no idea.

  • We drove everywhere in Germany and had no issues parking anywhere in the Mosel.  Also, parts of the Mosel are very far from each other, especially if you're traveling to Saar or Ruwer river areas, and biking would probably take more of your day than you want it to.  I don't know anything about the bus/train situation to give you guidance there.

  • I drove from a car from Frankfurt and didn't have any problems parking the car in the Mosel or the Ahr Valley. I think renting a car is the best option so that you can make possible stops on the drive to the Rheingau or Nahe. The Ahr and Rheingau have a great train system that will take you to all the villages. 

    Have a great trip and remember not much is open in Germany on a Sunday...

  • I did this trip all by public transport. From Frankfurt airport to Rheingau. Spent some days around then took the train to Mosel by Koblenz.
    After Cochem to visit Piesport and Bernkastel there's a bus from Wittlich Hbf station. There's a bus from Piesport to Trier or you can go back to Wittlich and take the train.
    Was an amazing trip and by bike would be a thing!

  • We stayed in Cochem and were able to take trains to many wine tasting appointments and vineyards.  We also hiked through the vineyards for several days which I thought was very, very, valuable and it enabled us to understand the unique geology of all of the unique villages and single vineyard sites!