Wineries in Mallorca

Has anyone been to Mallorca and have some insights of the wineries scene there? We will be traveling this October and planning on visiting some of them we found online. 

  • Anima Negra is one of my favorite producers!  I haven't had the opportunity to visit them yet but if their winery is anything like their wines, it'll be a great experience.

  • There are quite a lot of wineries now a days, but these are some of my favorites for different reasons....

    In the southern part of the Island and doable the same day:

    - 4 Kilos: Very small project, working mainly with Callet, a local grape of the area (Pla i Levant). Located in Felanitx

    - Vins Miquel Gelabert, he is a bit of crazy, but really fun dude! Working mainly with international varieties, really cool wines. They are in Manacor.

    In Binisalem area, which is not far from Palma...

    - Binigrau, in Biniali, more of a modern but small winery. Focusing in international varieties, but blending with some indigenous grapes.

    - Bodegas Ribas, in Consell, is the oldest winery in Mallorca (1711); pretty cool tour through the old house and cellar, wines are also pretty good.

    - Finca Biniagual, historic Estate, that is a small village on its own... pretty cool if you can tour the whole thing. Now a days owned by a German family, and for that reason focusing in international grapes, but still making some killer Mantonegro.

    In the north of the Island:

    - Son Vives, small winery steps away from the ocean, they are one of the only ones recovering Malvasia de Bañalbufar, specific clone only found in the town were they are located.

  • Thank you both for the tips!

  • Definitely check out Bodega Ribas.