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  • Sorry that you're in that situation. I understand your hesitance, but in the end you're the only one who can determine the value of your happiness and self-satisfaction. Unfortunately, if you can't change things where you work, then staying there is going to keep making you unhappy to the point of you either quitting or getting fired (because for 99% of us, how we feel about our job colors how we interact with it, no matter how good of a job we do).  The question is, which one is it going to be for you?  

    I think you need to take a broader step back and ask what you want to do in the wine world?  Do you want to be part of an amazing wine time and sell off a Grand Award list?  Do you want to run a program?  Do you want to go for higher level certifications?  Do you want to get into distribution?  Do you want to become an educator?  Do you want to make wine?  And for any of these answers, is another relocation in your future?  Take some time and figure out where you want to go and what you want to do.  You know as a former GM that the restaurant industry is fluid.  Personally when I see a step back on a resume, if the resume is solid otherwise, I'll want to know more about it ... it's a point of conversation, not a deal breaker.  When you get to that interview where you're trying to get into the next phase of your wine career, you'll have thought it out and will be able to give a great answer as to why you've made the choices you've had.  I personally love to see that kind of self awareness and growth as a hiring manager. 

  • any job that pays your bills is a good one..thats what my mother told me.... give it a shot and you might br surprised at what you learn