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Cava digs a deeper hole

For those who might still not be aware of it, in January of this year, some of the top Cava producers left the DO:

While this would have seemed to be major, decisive black mark against Cava, it's come to light that the two mega houses of Freixenet and Codorníu will be significantly dropping the already small price they'll be paying for grapes in the upcoming harvest:

There are still some good houses within DO Cava, but you really, really need to look hard for them at this point. As it sits, I just fully overhauled a local restaurant's menu and took out all DO Cava references in favor of Corpinnat and Clàssic Penedès (covered at length on Guildsomm here)

Not sure how others feel about Cava now, taking this into account?

  •  Where does Cava Paraje sit for you in this situation?  I know you wrote about it in your article but I'd like to hear how your thoughts have evolved.

    As a buyer, all of this really doesn't clarify anything for me and makes it extremely difficult to sell premium sparkling from Spain.  I've found that it's easier to sell premium English sparkling than it is Spanish.

  • Cava de Paratge (Paraje) is essentially null and void. When the Corpinnat group left, they basically took all the top-quality classifications with them. While it still exists in Cava, it doesn't really have the teeth that it did.

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