Vancouver, B.C. - Tasting suggestions

Hi all! 

I am headed to British Columbia in October. It’s a quick trip and I won’t have time to make it to the Okanagan Valley, unfortunately. If any of you have suggestions for tasting rooms/urban wineries near and around the Vancouver metro area, I would truly appreciate your recommendations! 

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  • I also have to agree with visiting the Vancouver Urban Winery. There are a few others, but I can't speak to them as I've only been to VUW.

    Although a bit more corporate and "chainey", Earls and Cactus Club have a decent lineup of Canadian wines. Not your typical Euro-centric or Napa lineup. At least that's the case here at the Ontario locations.

    If you can make it to the Fraser Valley, you should at least go for that. I've only driven through it myself, but have tried many of the wines at other events myself.

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