Book Review - The Wines of Northern Spain

Miquel Hudin reviews The Wines of Northern Spain by Sarah Jane Evans, MW

I had the pleasure to attend her session at Texsom 2 years ago. WTF, DO Pagos: A Critical Analysis with Sarah Jane Evans MW

She is a great speaker as well as writer.

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  • Vi de Vila/Vino de Villa of Priorat/Bierzo and Cava de Paratge isn't covered at anything up to and including the Advanced level and those are far more relevant to both the wine world as well as consumers.

    No matter how many tastings I've led, I've never had anyone ask about Vino de Pago other than to confuse it with Grandes Pagos de España.

  • I think that's inaccurate information. I feel like I've been asked about Vi de Vila at Advanced and know that most folks studying for Advanced or MS are studying these topics in appropriate detail.

  • Did you have a lot of guests asks about Pagos in Spain this year? Although that question could be taken as combative, I really am genuinely curious.

  • I don’t work in a restaurant anymore, so no. Nor do I find it combative. My point is whether you agree with it or not, it’s still part of wine law and the world of wine.

    We can’t just pretend that it doesn’t exist just because we don’t agree. Hell I’d love to tell everyone that Mouton is still a second growth, because in France money can buy you into things as well too. But it’s a first growth whether I agree or not.

  • I'm not saying it's not fair game, it's just that I've never seen Vi de Vila mentioned on any of the exams I've taken while Vino de Pago has been on all of them from Certified up. Keep in mind, I'm in Europe so there may be slight variances.