Wine Consultant fees for working for a new importer


Wondering if anyone can give me any advice/insight on what to charge for being the Head (& only) Sommelier/Consultant for an importer who just got their license and had no previous wine expertise.  I am a certified Somm through the Court of Master Sommeliers.  

I currently have traveled to Italy, twice now in the last 5 months, for 2 week stretches, and & hand-picked out the wines for their portfolio.  The contacts made are all through me, (via trade tastings/events & my personal wine/restaurant contacts.  I also speak Italian & do all of the communicating and translating when we are in Italy.

I'm curious about what one would charge per hour and for travel time, also travel expenses etc... as well as if I should charge a retainer per month not to be consulting for another importer?

There are also many extras including writing up the wines (stories/ratings/tasting notes etc...) for the wines I select for the portfolio.  plus representing them at all of the trade events and elsewhere.  And teaching them about wine.  

if anyone has insight on what fees to charge in this situation, it would be much appreciated.


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