Top quality corkscrews

Hey all!

I want to gear up from my regular do the job corkscrew to a higher-top quality one, as they are a lifetime used

As I know the top ones in the market those days are Code38 and Chateau Laguiole with the Grand Cru series at the top.

Are there any other brands and manufacturers that are recommended? 

  • Ive been using a Henkle for a few years now. I really like it. The best part is the knife, nice length and really sharp. Holds its edge for quite some time as well. They are not too expensive at about $40 a pop. I have also used a Laguiole extensively on the floor, they have a nice feel but arent as practical for regular use on busy nights. I have had my eye on a Durand for quite a while, although I dont think you'd want to use it on every bottle, so probably not practical for regular use. 

  • I have the zwilling as well and it’s the only one I’ve used since I got my first one 5+ years ago

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