Top quality corkscrews

Hey all!

I want to gear up from my regular do the job corkscrew to a higher-top quality one, as they are a lifetime used

As I know the top ones in the market those days are Code38 and Chateau Laguiole with the Grand Cru series at the top.

Are there any other brands and manufacturers that are recommended? 

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  • For an inexpensive corkscrew, I love the Pulltex Pullparrot, it is what I suggest for staff who don't want to sink a lot of money into an opener, and what I will lend out if they forget theirs. The Code 38 is a work of art, and I have the Peugeot Mathus for a two-prong extractor--the Peugeot is comfortable in my hand and works beautifully for brittle corks. Mine also cuts through foil quite well.