Ideas for Portuguese tasting

Hi there! 

I've been tasked with arranging a Portuguese wine tasting at the wine bar I work at, but I find it hard to figure how to approach it. Only do reds, only do whites, do North to South, only do specific regions. It's such a vast wine region with different styles and grapes in the subregions. 

Have any of you tried doing a Portuguese tasting and if not, how would you approach it? 

Hope to hear your thoughts!

Lisa, Aarhus - Denmark

  • We've got a Portuguese wine fanatic in our community who has curated several tastings. The best have been very focused. As you know, Portugal is so diverse that you a country wide tasting would leave out so much. Tops for me was a Colares tasting with a very wide range of vintages. There was still some diversity with reds, whites, and VR bottlings that didn't fit the DO model so as to not be monotonous. Everyone was really blown away, and having really old bottles for relatively cheap was a treat.