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Is It Appropriate Once You've Passed Certified To Put The Letters "CS" After Your Name?

I've always thought the answer here was "no," but I'm seeing this usage [Your Name Here, CS] pop-up on websites, business cards, you name it. So, for the record, I'd really appreciate an answer to the following:

1. Does the Court confer any accreditation entitling folks to add letters to their name other than the MS accreditation?

2. Is it appropriate for people who've passed the Court's Certified Exam to use the initials "CS" on  cards, online bios, etc.?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

  • Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the post.  The Court of Master Sommeliers expressly prohibits any initials for the Intro, Cert or Advanced Exams.  So someone who passes the Certified may not use CS after their name. You may, however, say you are a Certified Sommelier. Additionally, you may not use the name of a level you haven't passed.  For example, you may not say "Advanced Candidate" or "Masters Candidate".  Lastly, we contact all those we find that are in violation of our policies.  I hope that helps clarify.  If you have any other questions, please reach out to me at Good luck in your future exams!

    Greg Harrington, MS

    Chairman, Court of Master Sommeliers

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