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White wine acidity chart from upcoming tasting guide.

We are nearing completion of our upcoming tasting guide. Every couple days we will put up one of our charts from the guide for any discussion and feedback.

Important note! We are using our own generic levels for this guide, not specific terminology of the CMS (such as medium plus) or any other testing organization. How you map to any testing organizations definition of structural levels is up to you.

  • Love this. Getting picky, I'd move the word "acidity" up to the top of the chart and then leave "selected classic wine styles" as the left column or y axis (center-aligned text if possible!). Also, slightly confused on order. It would be more helpful to me to have things like Condrieu and CA Viognier next to each other, all of the Rieslings next to each other, etc. Still, super grateful for charts like this!

  • Some of the charts (body) are ordered according to levels. The acidity and tannin charts are ordered by country.

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