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Will Magnetized Yeast Revolutionize Riddling?

Might be the most fascinating science and wine article I've read this year: 

Thoughts?? Will this become a thing? Will it revolutionize the process? Will customers have qualms about it? 


    It's funny, if we were talking about magnetizing tomatoes there would be an army organizing to storm the gates. I know that experiments of this sort have been going on for a while, as have GMO yeast projects (creating yeast strains able to conduct alcoholic and malolactic fermentations simultaneously) but this is a slippery slope. Genetically modifying organisms (or in this case, chemically bonding iron nanoparticles to yeast cells) seems a bit discordant with the product that we are selling. On the other hand, this is probably just fine for supermarket stuff, particularly as it will likely lower costs. In an age when we have an invigorated hunt for real terroir among the small growers of Champagne, we have big players looking to re-engender the very organism that is at its heart. It remains important for sommeliers to understand the distinction.