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Wine guide in Penedes region (Barcelona)

Hello!  I will be traveling solo in Barcelona in mid September, and I would love to visit the Penedes region for a full day.  I have looked into some tours but I don't want the bog-standard experience.  Does anyone have any recommendations for guides or a cool/authentic tour?  I do NOT want to go on a bus, van, etc.  I'm also quite happy to just go by myself with a guide/somm/awesome person who knows the area and wineries well.  Any suggestions would be most welcome! Thank you.  Cheers,Marissa

  • Why not renting a car and doing your own trip ?
    I know a sommelier also there that work as a freelancer if you need
  • Just check the wineries you want to visit, ( to see if they are close by, and go there on bicycle. That's what I did in the Priorat! Although I you rent a car you could go to more wineries, helpful if you want to go to as much wineries as possible.
  • Not sure as to the rules on self promotion here, but I do tours around Catalonia focusing on Priorat, Montsant, and Empordà but Penedès as well, focusing on the smaller producers