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I work at a restaurant that seats around 100 guests and I do wine pairings with our tasting menu that changes every two weeks. However, we don't sell enough wine pairings in those two weeks to guarantee that the guest is getting a fresh wine every time. To prevent the wine from spoiling I use a Coravin that fills the void in the bottle with an inert argon gas. In your opinion, do you feel this alters the integrity of the wine in any way?

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  • I am for it, I have been using mine for a while now with no oxidation issues (like Garrin mentioned, make sure you hit the trigger prior to use). Actually, there was a previous thread addressing the topic of Coravin and faux corks, where the majority of us had no issues, and I just realized I needed to update that information when I read your question. I had no issues with the Coravin and synthetic corks at first, but if you use it on one of these bottles, do it only ONCE. I accessed a bottle more than that and the needle hole was unable to close back up; wine leaked everywhere and the remainder oxidized.
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