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I work at a restaurant that seats around 100 guests and I do wine pairings with our tasting menu that changes every two weeks. However, we don't sell enough wine pairings in those two weeks to guarantee that the guest is getting a fresh wine every time. To prevent the wine from spoiling I use a Coravin that fills the void in the bottle with an inert argon gas. In your opinion, do you feel this alters the integrity of the wine in any way?

  • You can also invest in an argon canister. You can buy a large one from a welding shop with a gun on it and just shoot the argon into the bottle at the end of each night. This will give you a little over a weeks mileage out of the wine before any detrimental changes, and the tank is very cheap to refill.

    Also, if you are having trouble selling wine pairings, perhaps you can adjust the price of the pairing or just get rid of it all together and focus on a larger selection of half bottles.
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