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If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 10.14.2016

Collaboration in Burgundy: In the wake of the year’s devastating frosts, six Burgundy winemakers will pool their grapes to produce a 2016 Montrachet Grand Cru. The wineries are DRC, Domaine des Comtes Lafon, Domaine Leflaive, Domaine Guy Amiot et Fils, Domaine Lamy-Pillot, and Domaine Fleurot Larose. They expect to produce just 600 bottles. [Decanter]

Italy’s Wine Fountain: On Sunday, a fontana del vino was inaugurated in Caldari di Ortona, in Abruzzo. Dispensing locally made wine for free, the fountain is located on the Cammino di San Tommaso, which is traveled by thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year. Though not the very first wine fountain in Italy, this is the first to be accessible daily. [Local.It]

Experimental Wines Promise Organic Revolution: Andrew Jefford recently had the opportunity to taste wines made in Languedoc with mildew-resistant varieties produced by a Vitis vinifera and Muscadine cross. The varieties are resistant to both oidium (powdery mildew) and mildiou (downy mildew). Researchers believe that the vines are ready for commercial use, but they are still facing legal hurdles. Jefford offers his tasting notes. [Decanter]

Reconsidering the Label: EATER considers various perspectives on wine label design, looking at classic labels alongside unconventional labels that range from simple to eye-catching, and how people respond to them. For those who know very little about wine, unconventional labels can be a draw, but for others, especially those in the wine industry, they are viewed as marketing gimmicks. [EATER]

Siberian Winemakers Overcome the Cold: A group of winemakers has overcome Siberia’s bitter cold to produce wine. Vladimir Vagner, leader of the Altaiskaia Loza wine company, hired French experts to help choose appropriate grape varieties and vineyard locations. They made red, white, and rosé wine, as well as icewine. Currently, they are only able to use the wines domestically and for tastings. [BBC]

Wine Spectator Reflects on 40 Years: In an article marking Wine Spectator’s 40th anniversary, Harvey Steiman reflects on the development of an American wine culture in recent decades, considering the evolution of preferences, changing prices of coveted bottles, and more. Looking ahead, he hypothesizes about drinking habits, and about the regions and grapes that might be popular next. [Wine Spectator]

What do you think?

Is this collaborative project in Burgundy surprising to you?

Where would you install a wine fountain, if given the opportunity?

What are your thoughts on these newly developed mildew-resistant varieties? Are you hopeful? Apprehensive?

Does anything in the article about label design surprise you?

What have you observed about your guests' and friends' perspectives on wine labels? How much do they differ from your own views? Is there middle ground? What's the best way forward?

Had you heard anything about Siberian wines before this week? Do you expect they'll be successful?

Do you agree with Steiman's reflections on the past, and his projections for the future? What might you add?

What else have you been reading this week?