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Short Term Vineyard Jobs in France

I'm looking for a internship with a good quality producer in France (I speak French) but I've no idea where to start. I'm dying to get a handle on wine production from the ground up and to that end, does anyone have any good sites or strategies for getting a job abroad for a month or two in the late summer/fall? 


    I found a great family to live with in Germany for harvest but they have all types of jobs/work exchange opportunities in other countries as well!
  • Toughest part about France is that the country is very strict about work visas! It's nearly impossible to get one if you're not an EU citizen. Typically producers will only take on interns during harvest season and usually select about 6 months beforehand, so it's good to get a jump on it now. Reach out to importers and distributors that you have relationships with to inquire. I know that Binner in Alsace takes on harvest interns, but the visa issue might be a problem.

    Germany readily takes on harvest interns, and I did a great harvest internship in Portugal a few years ago. Both countries are much easier to get working visas in, and of course the easiest of all are Australia and New Zealand.

    Hope that helps!