LA Piedmont Masterclass with Ted Glennon this Monday 10/29

Hi Everybody!

We are hosting a Piedmont Masterclass at Spago Beverly Hills this Monday, late morning.

This class is sponsored by the Italian Wine Bureau and includes a few great swag items/educational resources as well as some fantastic wines. I have about 5 spots. The cost of the class is $20 or a fair game bottle donation for the MS's re-sitting. This class will be pretty in-depth.

If you'd like to RSVP please email me and I'll let you know if we still have seats available. It's going to be a packed house, so email me asap:

We host masterclasses and multiple tasting groups for certified or advanced level a few times a month, so if you can't make it this Monday but would like to be considered for future tastings and events, they don't make it to Guildsomm, so feel free to email me for that as well.