Advanced Blind Tasting (Tue nights Oct 29-Dec 3)

Advanced Blind Tasting (Tue nights Oct 29-Dec 3)

You may register for this 6-week program starting next Tuesday or any of the 6 individual 2.5-hour workshops. This program is tremendous help to intermediate to advanced tasters. It combines elements of Court of MS technique, WSET & MW and is also very helpful for CWE and any competition, or to simply better understand wine.

  • We will be tasting extremely difficult flights of wines, identifying common threads and figuring out key differences. High acid whites, aromatic whites, thin-skinned reds, thick-skinned reds, bubbles, botrytis, fortified, timing & techniques.

I will be teaching this along with 2 others on our great team. All of us have either WSET Diploma or Master Sommelier plus many other credentials and experiences. The full details can be found in the link above and I'm happy to answer any questions.

David Glancy, MS, CWE

*This is not a Court of MS event.