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I'm taking the Intro Exam in Milwaukee in 2 weeks. Been doing a lot of preparing. I have a feeling I am trying to be specific in my notes for this level, but I figure it could only help as I move along.

I think it would be helpful for people in the Chicago area to have a group that goes through this process together. I'm sure there are better theory students than tasting students and vice versa. My strength is in deductive tasting and my theory is trying catch up.

Any one interested? Maybe a monthly/bi-monthly get together to hit an appellation and taste 3-5 wines? Let me know.

As far as people who have already taken the Intro Exam. Do I need to know specific producers per appellation? Is knowing the country, appellation, grapes enough? Any advice is welcome.




  • Hey Chris, me and 2 others have done the intro exam in Ohio and passed. We are pulling together a tasting group as well! Let's keep in touch and gather the contact information of other Chicagoans in Milwaukee!

    Good luck on the exams!
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    Awesome to hear and congrats on passing the exam. By all means let me know if you folks get together to study/do a tasting. I live in Waukegen (hour n. of the city) but I'm a wine rep in the city. I'm around the city pretty often.

    Any recommendations on the Intro exam is welcomed.

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    Yeah, we are all still trying to meet up to figure it all out!

    In terms of the exam, I found the workbook they give you a link to download for registering is down right the best tool. It's really condensed, and while it seems really lacking explaintion, it will give you a great idea of what you should know about each region. The workbook you receive is similar but expanded with explanation. So if you haven't looked at it, I would highly recommend taking a look. Or if you have, try doing your own research about a region through the other suggested study material and then look at it. It will make much more sense. The wine Bible was the most helpful too me.

    You can never study too hard, just remember to rest. Personally the trip I had to make there , was more stressful then the 2 day review.

    Best of luck!
  • Hey Chris,

    I recently took and passed the Level One exam in Atlanta this past January. I would suggest going through the study guide they let you download, the suggested readings, and the quizzes found here on guildsomm! That's what really helped me out and had me feeling fairly confident. Other than that, rest up and just enjoy the class and soak in everything your MS's tell you from their personal experiences.

    I would most definitely like to join any group you get going. I live in the NW Burbs (Algonquin), work in Naperville, and make the trip into the city about once a week or so.

    Steven- if you read this, I would be interested in joining your group as well!

    You can reach me by email and we can go from there.


    Ryan Skrzypczynski
  • Hey Chris

    Im studying for my intro level exam and i would like to meet up or make a group and start from there
    I live in Chicago and its easy for me to move all around
    please let me know through this chat or you can email me

    Here is my cell 773 822 8869

    thank you and good luck
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    What is your email? I'd like to start an email thread so we can coordinate with the other members who are interested.
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    What is your email so we can start a thread with the other folks that want to start a tasting group.
  • In reply to Chris Rohde:

    Hey Chris-

    Shoot me an email and we can always add others into our email thread once we get their contact information.

  • Hey! I'm in Chicago and taking the Intro in Milwaukee as well. Are you guys getting together at all this week to study?

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    We are not meeting this week. I am the only person here doing the Intro class in this thread. I've been going over my notes pretty regularly.

    It's funny to see you work for One Off. I'm doing a tasting at Avec tomorrow.
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    No way! Yeah, it's an amazing company to work for. Who are you doing the tasting with?

    How are you feeling about everything for Monday? Ready?
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    Hi Emma! I live in Chicago and taking the intro in Milwaukee too. If you want to meet up for last minute to study?

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    Hi Steven. I also passed the intro in Ohio and would love to join the tasting group! I work out of a couple retail shops now and can help with discounts on bottles for the tastings. Let me know!
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    I would like to join as well if you guys get together! Michael-- do you work in shops in Chicago?
  • I know I am a little late to the party here but as long as the theory in the book makes sense to you, you will be fine with the exam. They go over quite a bit of it in the 2 day class, and tasting/producers are not really necessary to get a score sufficient to pass.