Study Groups in Augusta, Ga?

Looking to find a study group for theory and tasting in the area. I doubt there is anyone in my area, but who knows





  • Steve Tsoulakis started Somm Underground which was the only serious group in the area. He was responsible for getting multiple members Certified (including the Somm for the Augusta National) and has several members going for their advanced. He developed the beverage program for the Frog Hollow Group and Abel Brown's. He will only be in the area for the next couple of months- he is moving to DC- but he may be starting a group for a student who is going to take his certified in the fall. You can find him at Abel Brown's. Good Luck.
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    Thanks a lot! I'm at Abel Brown every couple of weeks, I'll look him up.
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    Did you have any luck with finding a tasting group in Augusta?
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    Sorry this is waaaay late but no I didnt. Ive been trucking along solo.
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    I know it's a haul but there is a tasting group that meets in Atlanta every Monday at 10:30 in Decatur (that's even on the Augusta side of town!). All are welcome- email me if you would like additional information: