Tasting Group wanted in Campbell, S San Jose area

I'm looking to join or create a tasting group in or around Los Gatos, Campbell, South San Jose area. I'm looking to pass my CS but wnt to move on to the AS after. I'm the Wine Director for a high end restaurant so I have access to a wide variety of wines. I work evenings obviously and am willing to travel. Pretty flexible otherwise. My personal email is j_s_dennis@yahoo.com. Let me know! 


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    Hi Jeremy,

    I'm a som student at ICC and live in South San Jose. Do you have a tasting group going? If so I'd be interested in joining.



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    Hey guys,

    I'm in for a South Bay tasting group, I live in downtown Los Gatos and am studying for the advanced.  I have some other people in mind as well that are going for their certified/advanced exams, and would be down to host either here in LG or at The Plumed Horse in Saratoga.  Cheers.

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    Hi Jeffery,
    Have you found a group yet? I am studying toward my CS and am looking for a group. Would you mind sharing what you found? My email address is: fahshine@gmail.com.
  • Hello, I am looking to join up with a tasting group because I want to try for the advanced level. I passed my certified last March. Please let me know if you still get together. My email is kdaubek1@gmail.com
  • Hello all,

    I am also in the South Bay and looking to join a positive constructive group. Please contact me at wstoltz@leftbank.com
  • I'm also interested in joining a tasting group. I am also an the quest of AS. Let me know when and where.
    I have wine to through down and a coravin
  • Hi Jeremy, I am an ICC student going for my Cert this Spring and hoping to move on to then my Advanced, is there a tasting group in Campbell/SJ? I am a local resident to Campbell and would love to join, please let me know!

    Thank you!
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    Looking for tasting group for the certified level as well!
  • Also, looking for a South Bay tasting group. Seems like there are a couple posts in the last month or two. Maybe we can all get together. Intro/CSW looking to study for certified. chrispantages@gmail.com
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    I've been in contact with Victor (above) and we are starting a group. Email either of us for more information.
  • We have a group going for the last several months with 3 people, meeting weekly and tasting in San Jose/Mountain View area. If you are interested in joining, email me at chrispantages@gmail.com