VDP Erste Lage Question

Can someone please help me understand the following excerpt...

“Producers of Grosse Lage wine are held to the preexisting standards for top sites, and the wines may be dry (“GG”) or sweet (labeled by prädikat). Producers of sweet wines may make a range of prädikat levels from a Grosse Lage site, but only one dry wine may be produced in each of the top vineyards. The former Erste Lage logo--a “1” followed by a cluster of grapes-- will be applied only to wines of Grosse Lage quality; An indication of either Grosse Lage or Erste Lage will appear on the capsule."

......does the “1” followed by a grape cluster still exist on German labeling after the change to in 2012 to add Grosse Lage to the hierarchy? If so, what does the indicate to the consumer? ....Also, does this indicate that pre-2012 Erste Lage bottles may or may not have the “1” followed by grape clusters, depending on weather it’s grown on a “top site”?

Thank you!