Topic of the Week 12/26/2018 - Advanced

Interesting points last week on the sub zones of Muscadet Sévre-et-Maine last week from , , , and . Thanks everyone!

This week: Carignan

Where does it grow? What are its challenges? What regions produce great examples? Name 3 top producers.

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  • So, for all its disadvantages ( late-ripening so grows well only in warmer regions, susceptibility to mildews so needs spraying and because of its tough stalks and tight clusters not conducive to mechanical harvesting, its resultant wine is high acid and hgh tannin making it bitter and rough),it was widely grown in  Southern France because it is very high-yielding: easily 180hl/ha output , which according to Jancis Robinson, is 4 times the output of cabernet sauvignon.

    Because of the shifting preference on the market place for better quality wines, the acreage devoted to Carignon has steadily declined to give room to the likes of Mouvedre, Syrah and Grenache etc. This is encouraged by the EU pull-vine grants. Less and less new Carignon vines are plantedthese days.

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