Advanced Course April 15-17 2019 Dallas TX

Trying to connect with driven Somms attending the Advanced Course in Dallas this Spring. Would anyone be open to starting a study group or sharing their tips on preparing for the course? 

Anyone who has attended the course, do you have any strategies to get the most out of the experience?

Thanks in advance!


  • Echoing Mr. Conn's statement, know thy tasting grid. The idea behind the course is to give you an understanding of the level of knowledge that is expected when you actually sit for the exam. Go in, soak it all up, and don't be a fly on the wall. Engage. Participate. Not just with the Masters, but also your peers from around the country. It's an invaluable experience. Enjoy! 

  • Tim Sorek said it best. I’ll double down on his thoughts. HAVE FUN, there is no exam looming at the conclusion of the course.

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