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Crayères conversation with some awesome pictures last week from , , , , and .

This week: Food pairing with sweet wines

What are the general guidelines to utilizing sweet wines in a pairing? What is the latest killer pairing with sweet wine that you've had?

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  • I'll put this out there for thought:

    I am right behind Michael in the belief that a wondrous amount of food beyond dessert pair well with sweet wines but often forgotten, perhaps because I am always looking to see it mentioned, are the wines of Tokaji and how they elevate Eastern European cuisine.

    Notably known to be denser as a diet, Eastern European foods are remarkable pairings with Tokaji due to the fattiness and rich textures contained in many meals. The Furmint communicates its bracing acidity with Harslevelu singing in the background as they seek to accentuate dishes sauced with a poloniase or something similarly. Keeping in mind that Tokaji gained a great portion of its fame during a time in the world where sugar was not as easily available, it's easy to imagine how local cuisine was ready to incorporate this wine into its diet!

    (A farmer's cheese pierogi, fried in butter and served with a late harvest Tokaji is a remarkable experience and one I readily prepare for friends!)

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