Topic of the Week 6/27/2019 - Advanced

We climbed the cobblestone streets of yesterday last week with Baga with the help of , (thanks for the awesome video!), and .

This week: Agave varieties used for Mezcal production

Name 4 and describe their typical character

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  • Agave Espadín (Agave angustifolia), makes up around 90% of Mezcal production, and is the genetic parent of the A. tequilana (weber blue) species that is used for tequila. It is both lightly tropical and floral, and serves as the standard-bearer of Agaves. 

    Then we have some wilder, harder to cultivate, and generally more complex varieties, which include Agave Tepextate, Agave Madrecuixe, and Agave Paplometl. Tepextate is known to be tropical, floral, and spicy, Madrecuixe leans more towards the vegetal and herbaceous end of the spectrum, and Paplometl has a rustic earthiness and meaty quality going on. 

    The Vago Mezcals are my favorite for tasting through the various Agaves, and isolating the unique flavors of each variety! 

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