Syllabus, study guide or tasting schedule

Hello GS Community,

I'm in the process of organizing an advanced level group and looking for any syllabus, study or tasting schedule that people have found useful?  I'd greatly appreciate if anyone can share something they've used or found beneficial, or point me towards resources they found helpful.  I've read through the green pin manifesto and other threads on here but would really appreciate a specific schedule/curriculum.

Additionally, if anyone had success in how they organized their tasting group, I'd love to hear that at as well.  We're discussing a couple different structures so would welcome things that were successful for other people.

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  • Hello,

    Below is a link to Robert Ord's study guide, geared towards Advanced & Master Theory. There is a sample study schedule in the document, if you want to follow it.

    Keep in mind, while this can give you a lot of guidance & structure with regards to HOW you study, it's still going to be up to you to determine how deep to go into each topic. Unfortunately, there is no syllabus that can tell you everything you need to know. Part of the exam is that you have to decide what is important/relevant for you to learn.

    Re: tasting groups, there are multiple possible formats. You might find this article helpful:

    Our MS tasting group in San Francisco was kind of like a hybrid of the NYC Styles A & B described in the article. The key is finding a format that allows attendees to taste 2 flights each week. 

    It may go without saying, but everyone has to be on board with sourcing good examples of classic wines. This often means spending more money, but the Advanced & Master levels require that commitment. Make sure you only invite members who are on that level of commitment, or the quality of the flights will be uneven. Mixed tasting groups with people of all levels can be helpful in other ways, but if you're looking to get ready for Advanced, you'll want a focused group of other Advanced candidates. 

    Good Luck!

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