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This week: What is VIGNO from Chile?

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  • The vines also must be a minimum of 30 years old and are typically Goblet trained. 


    Carignan was cultivated originally in the 1940's following Maule's 1939 earthquake. The idea was that Carignan would bolster the acidity and color of the region's Pais. After the last big quake in 2010, VIGNO was formed to help the local growers temper the devastating effects of the quake by creating a platform to showcase the Carignan variety and preserve the heritage of the old vines. VIGNO also helps encourage local growers to increase their revenue by bottling their own wines.

    Soils on and around the Cordillera de la Costa can be split into two categories:

    Granitic Origin - excellent drainage - Western Slope

    Metamorphic Origin - susceptible to erosion - Eastern Slope 

    There is an interesting vineyard practice in this area as well, known as Mugrón. Growers run canes from existing vines directly into the ground between plants to increase density (a curious practice for sure considering water scarcity), and straighten plant rows to make horse plowing easier in the future.

    There are currently 16 producers as of 2019:

    • Scope
    • Bouchon
    • From Martino
    • Emiliana
    • Garage Wine Co.
    • Gillmore
    • Lapostolle
    • Meli
    • Miguel Torres
    • Morandé
    • Odfjell
    • PS Garcia
    • Undurraga
    • Valdivieso
    • Red Vine
    • Concha y Toro
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