Certified Level Online Theory Study Group

Hello all,

I'm looking to assemble a small group of interested individuals to prepare for the theory portion of the Certified exam. The process would be completely remote and Google Drive based, so regardless of your location, time zone, or work schedule, it should be a nice opportunity for you to enrich your theoretical knowledge in preparation for Spring exams.

I'm currently working on a study syllabus that will be a true survey of all major regions and will share that information once it's finished. The methodology of the group will be as follows:

-Each group member will focus their studies for the week (or weeks, depending on the region and how much time is require to gain a solid understanding) on the determined region for that week. 

-Each member will be responsible for writing 30 study questions, formulated in such a way that is intended to emulate the question styles of the Certified Exam. This includes open ended questions, fill in the blank, matching, pictures/maps, etc. The goal here is to allow everyone to read the study materials and formulate questions that they perceive to be of great importance for that region. This is beneficial because while some group members may focus most squarely on geography, others will focus on laws, while others will focus on viticulture/vinification of the region, etc, giving each group member a truly diverse question bank for each region.

-At the end of each week, group members will upload their carefully formulated 30 question quiz to the Google Drive folder, along with a separate document that contains the answers. This will allow each group member to utilize these resources beyond the completion of this study syllabus, namely during final preparation before their respective exam dates.

If you're interested, please post your email address in the space below. I'll reach out to all interested parties within the week to get this process started sooner rather than later.

Hoping everyone involved in the 2017 harvest has had a successful and gratifying season and that you're getting some much needed rest (or will be soon)!


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