Topic of the Week 1/1/18: Introductory & Certified

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This week: Soil

What are some soil characteristics vineyard managers consider, and why, when planting new vines?

  • Soil composition is essential if a vineyard manager is looking to control the amount of water a vine is receiving. A larger ratio of clay will retain water and a larger ratio of sand/pebbles will drain water and put strain on the vines.

  • From an article titled Soil and Site Selection Considerations for Wine Grape Vineyards from Penn State:

    "When we think of ideal vineyard soils, we must analyze them in their full context – physical, chemical and biological properties. The correct balance of these constituent parts is sought to best accommodate the plant and climate as well as the applied viticulture. Other considerations, such as slope, aspect, and elevation have indirect effects on soil relative to its impact on vine physiology. What is underfoot is an incredibly complex system that we realize is critical to wine quality, yet we don’t fully understand how or why."

    Click here for the full article (It is a short and very interesting read)