Topic of the Week 2/12/18 - Introductory & Certified

Cheers to for the sole response last week on millerandage! Take a peek if you missed it!

This week: Fermentation Temperature

What is the general temperature range for alcoholic fermentation in wine production? How does the temperature impact the overall wine?

  • The general temperature range for red wine fermentation is between 70-85 degrees F. For white wine fermentation, the recommended temperature is between 45 to 60 degrees F although winemakers can choose to ferment at higher or lower temperatures. Heat is a catalyst, so the higher the temperature, the more quickly fermentation will occur. Wines that undergo fermentation at too high or too low of a temperature may suffer in quality. Wines that ferment too hot may lose the nuances of delicate fruit notes, and the heat could result in cooked or stewed conditions. On the other hand, fermenting at higher temperatures allows for wines to reach a higher level of extraction and tannins. On the cooler end of the spectrum, fermenting at lower temperatures help preserve the fruitiness of the wine. Wines will retain their volatile aromas better resulting in wines that possess fresh, crisp aromatics. Due to a lower temperature, fermentation will occur more slowly. Eventually, ferment too hot and the heat will kill the yeast or ferment to cold and the yeast will become dormant. 

    Very general statements - would love if others could provide more detail!

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