Study Time for Certified!?

Hi! I passed the Intro Course almost 3 years ago. Wow time flies. Since then I have been working at a fine dining restaurant and a wine bar helping with the wine program, meeting with reps, buying wine, and  of course studying wine on my own time. I love Doing tastings with friends, attending the occasional Master Class, and practicing deductive tasting when I can..... So, I decided not to pursue the Certified level as I didn’t feel I needed it at my current work position. With a sudden change of plans I do now feel I need to take it. Luckily I am within 3 years still...But just barely... I have until July to sit for the Certified. 

There are only 2 deductive tasting workshops before then (Why so few?)

...I am well versed in service elements of the test and can study hard for the Theoretical, but IS 3 MONTHES ENOUGH TIME???

Please- any input is appreciated! Thank you


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  • Hi all! I'm going to lock this thread as it has mostly become requests for an email, which as I mentioned, we try to avoid.  said he will upload this document to his profile, so you'll be able to find it there.

    , if you'd like to start a new thread on some of your other questions, please feel free to do so!

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