Topic of the Week 3/5/18 - Introductory & Certified

Thank you , , and for your responses last week on Henri Jayer!

This week is another iconic winemaker - 

Who is John Kongsgaard and what is his importance with regards to California Chardonnay?

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  • Just in addition to Ms Sharpe's answer, John Kongsgaard had a significant impact on Napa viticulture. Because his winemaking practice relies on fermentation occuring without commerical yeast or preservative, fruit sourcing is of the utmost importance. When purchasing grapes with which to produce his famed Newton Chardonnay, Kongsgaard pioneered the concept of paying for grapes grown in line with his vision.

    He is also a pioneer of pruning vines early so that his grapes are exposed to sunlight from the beginning of the growing season, which thickens the skins, producing grapes less vulnerable to weather variations.