Topic of the Week 4/16/18 - Introductory & Certified

Thank you  for the sole response last week on Aging Red Wine!

This week: Stem Inclusion

How does stem inclusion in the red winemaking process influence the affect the flavors of the final wine?

  • I think that stem inclusion in red wine making to me adds some of my favorite aspects to red wine. I get a freshness of flavors and overall a "bright"wine a lot of the time. I think there can be a big difference with the flavors that are added with green the stems are. If the if the stems are greener you will get a totally different flavor out of them compared to them being older and dried out (brown)It can even give out some of my favorite "green" flavors. But I have noticed that with stem inclusion the color of the wine is sometimes lighter. From what I have read stems soak up quite a bit of color in the aging process. But to me I think that the loss of color is worth it from what you get in the earthy bright flavors. Thanks! Love the question.