Certification Exam 2019 Denver/Boulder Area

Good morning. I am in a unique situation in that I will test for the certification in Colorado Springs in March 2019, as I recently passed the Intro course (that in itself, not unique). The caveat with me is that I am not in the "industry", and so do not have the opportunity to practice service. I am a healthcare provider (weird, huh?), and am thoroughly enjoying the process of learning about wine, service, different regions and everything else that goes along with this process- and it's fun to think where this might take me.  So my question is two part, really.

Is there anyone in the front range Colorado area, that would be willing to share some of his/her service wisdom and secondly, are there any tasting groups in the area that would be amenable to "the new guy" joining? Or I guess, better yet, any study groups in the area covering/preparing for all these elements of the test?

Okay, maybe that was a three part question. 

Any thoughts (or even responses) on this would be greatly appreciated!