Intro Test Questions!

Literally got the pdf workbook last week, class and test is next Thursday. I've heard mix reviews on what is on the test and where my focus should be. Any insight? I just made it to the Loire section, have a bit more to go, but don't want to focus too hard on things that won't be on there. Any and ALL help is appreciated!!

  • For Intro, they will go over all the material you will need to know for the exam. most of the time, they will even make remarks such as "I would remember this point...", "I would highlight this if I were you...", etc. etc. If you are already reading through the PDF, you should be in good shape.

  • Every question they will ask is in the workbook, study that and use the class as review, it goes quick, and you'll be able to pass.

  • Pay attention to soil, climate, and grape varieties for each region. The Intro class will provide a hard copy of the work book, but I printed mine ahead of time (and bound it) so that I could highlight important things when I studied. At the in-person Intro class, it should be a review for you. Best of luck!!

  • Don't get caught up on any one region.  Literally everything on the test is in the workbook.  PAY ATTENTION during the reviews.  Bring a highlighter and make sure to highlight anything that seems to carry weight, ie "remember this..."  "this is important for you to know..."  Just enjoy the experience.  It is one of the best learning experiences I have ever been a part of.  Don't let the nerves get to you.  Get plenty of rest between the two days.  Review when you have restroom breaks.

    Good luck!!!

  • Everyone’s advise here is on the workbook...then pay attention during won’t be a problem.