Books/sites suggestion about US wines

I am seeking books or websites suggestions on north american wines. Other than the study guides here or Jancis Robinson's publications, what other books should I get? 

  • My copy of Napa Valley: Then and Now just came in the mail and I am super excited. This is a huge, beautiful reference that Kelli White does an amazing job of packing information into.

    Also check out Jonathan Bonne's 'The New California'. Just a really good book, maybe not the best thing in terms of structure for CMS exams but it definitely will not hurt. I'm running an all-US wine program right now and it's been super helpful in finding producers and other wines that resonate with my personal tastes. 

    'North American Pinot Noir' by JW Haeger is a really cool but outdated book (published 2004). It still does a great job of laying the framework for how pinot noir began to thrive in North America and highlights some spectacular and/or historic producers that are still relevant today.

  • “American Wine” by Jancis Robinson and Linda Murphy