Serving temperature of Blind Tasting

I am taking my Certified test in March, and as Ive been studying and tasting- I was curious about the serving temperature of the wines for the Blind Tasting portion of the exam, particularly the whites. Can anyone who has recently tested tell me if the whites were chilled? And if so, how much?

All input is appreciated!!

  • There is a great Guildsomm podcast about many aspects of tasting Its called "Blind Tasting Questions"...and I remember them covering temperature...They said...Whites can be room temperature (as long as you aren't living somewhere hot.)  I like to taste at room temp. for whites and its about low 70's in my surroundings during tastings.  We also don't chill the reds in my group...I recommend listening to the podcast (and all of them).  They are an invaluable tool...many excellent conversations there and its just a great format.  Its helped me with general knowledge and shed light on things like phenolic bitterness, pyrazines & terpenes thus upping my understanding of white wine.  See you in NY (I'm taking Certified also)

  • Just realized I didn't address your question...I think I read it wrong.  I would venture to guest that they will not be chilled and will be room temperature.  I remember at my Intro, during tasting portion, they weren't chilled.

  • I remember a slight chill on them, just like the reds.

  • They are chilled and not at room temperature.

  • I remember a slight chill on them, just like the reds.

  • Mine had a very slight chill to them ~60f if I had to guess. That being said I preferred that temperature. I would rather the wine be a little warm than a little too cold. While it might not be the best for consuming it is great to pic out defining characteristics of the wine.