Which format should I be practicing with?


I'm currently diving into regular practice of deductive tasting, I was wondering which sheet(s) I should be using as I practice. 

That is: should I be using the deductive tasting format that was used in the intro course? Found here

Or should I be using the Examination tasting grids found here and here (for whites and reds respectively)

OR, should I be using both? Thanks!

  • It depends on what level you are going for; if it's certified, use the second set of grids (white and red) you posted.  You will be way more prepared this way.  If you feel the need to go above and beyond, spend more time on theory.  Remember, everything we do is an extension of theory.  I hope this helps! 

  • Mackenzie,

    As Brooke mentioned it depends on what level you're shooting for, but I'd recommend just getting comfortable with this grid here. It will prepare you for any level and it will help you reach conclusions faster in the long run. It may look daunting at first but becomes second nature with a little practice.