Hi SF! I'm looking to join or start a weekly study / tasting group in San Francisco, CA


I just signed up to GuildSomm with the hope that I'd be abl find a weekly group in San Francisco for practicing my deductive tasting skills.

Does anyone here know of a weekly group in SF?  If not, maybe you're interested in starting one with me?

  • When: Thursday after work is best but can also possibly do Wednesdays too.

  • Where: Preferably somewhere in the heart of the city (downtown, Nob Hill, North Beach, Soma, etc)

  • Who:Looking for folks that share my passion for wine and also fun to hang out with!  I am a working professional in my early 30s, very easy going, and love to learn.

  • Cost: Would be great to get the cost to $30 or less each week for each guest

  • Details: I can likely host the tastings to start us off (in North Beach) but may need help choosing the list each week.

About me: I've been drinking and studying wine for about 10 years informally.  I decided to finally get serious about my passion and recently signed up for the Intro course / exam.  I'd like to get started now on the deductive tasting and service portions, while also studying theory during my alone time. 

Interested?  Add your comments below or email me at bhoffman8@gmail.com



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  • Hello friends,

    My name is Anna. I've just passed my Intro exam last week and I'm also looking for a tasting group to join in SF or South Bay. Please let me know if you've already found one.




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