Intro to Certified?

Hi all, 

Relieved to report that I passed the intro yesterday at Salamander Resort in Middleburg. Andy, James, Robert, and Jarrod were great. 

My question is about the jump between intro and certified. My prep for intro was to read the course outline, back it up with the study guides, and back it up with the relevant sections of McNeil's book. I still didn't feel totally comfortable, and am pretty sure I missed plenty of the questions on France. 

So I guess my question is: what has been your experience with the difference in intensity of study, level of specificity, etc? In talking with some of the other students in the class, there seemed to be two schools of thought: that certified wasn't un-doable if you were well prepped for intro (and maybe I wasn't), or that it would be significantly more challenging. 

In addition, I'm wondering about the format. Is it still two days of review? Or is it just the theory, blind taste (two wines?) and service?