Certified exam in Sept

Hi everyone,

i will be doing the certified exam this September in Melbourne and would like to ask a few questions,

- Is 2-3 months of studying enough to pass the exam?

- Is using the study guide essential, or would it be better to read the book as well?

- What are the important cocktails to remember?

Looking forward to your advice, thank you very much.

  • 2-3 months CAN be enough.  Just depends on how well you are studying.  Study wide across the wine world.  Know which grapes grow where and why.  Prominent producers in each region.  What the labels look like.  

    Using all study resources is essential.  Read the books, take the quizzes on this site, listen to podcasts, blind taste at home.  Do it all.

    Depending on what website or blog you look at there are usually around 20 or so "classic" cocktails.  Know them all.  Then learn some more.

  • I did mine in Sydney on April. Read the GOD DAMN BOOK. Read because they take a lot of questions out of the info from there. Do not limit yourself to the book but at least 3 question on Theory I could get right if I was reading the book