Certified Exam Question That Is Bugging Me

Hi All- 

I take my CS exam on July 31st :) 

Have a few friends who have gone through the exam process and each has warned me about the loop-thrower styled question of: "If you're hosting a wedding and serving magnums, but not all guests will drink wine, how many bottles should you order?" -or- "How many pints can you get out of a keg?" etc. 

For some folks, math comes easily. For me? I still have to add 2+2 on my fingers. I'm petrified that I will not be able to arrive at the correct answer without a calculator. 

Does anyone have a bit of guidance on how to quickly calculate these algebraic equations in your head while taking the test? 

I'd be a wreck if I studied this hard only to have something like that be the one question that could sink me. 

Thanks a bunch!


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